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 Post Posted: Mon Dec 28, 2015 4:34 pm 
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Just pointing out major mistakes or stuff left out in the show.

This is a very good and honest video-
No food expenses here either.


This is just a good honest video of costs vs passion/drama of Todd's crew only.
Passion will get you in serious debt very quick with gold mining.

Now advertising profits are left out- Unless those are seriously hefty profits-
Todd is in very very serious debt. Just thought this was a great video of reality.

Gold sales are left out too. Let's say they sell those Gold Rush concentrates at a fixed loss
of 50% to the buyers. He's still tremendously in debt and would still need to find 6k oz of gold.
Yeah that's right-6,000oz just to break even after all these seasons. Right now he needs 12k oz of gold to break even.
Now if they lost 50% of their gold out their wash plants that would be a major factor to take
into consideration. But we'll never know because they have never tested it. Do they test it now?
Never seen them do it-they probably never will.
What does Doc do nearly all the time-test his tailing.
Remember Parker tossing all that dirt away when his helper found 22,000.00 worth of gold
that gave him a profit of 12k. Just throwing away profits without testing. At least his helper was smart to test it!
One word for that error on Todd-
HogPan-okay maybe a truck load for testing. Where is it in this show? Where is testing in this show?
I know claim owners have drilled, but that won't tell you how much gold is right next to that drilling.
How do they pick out lands to mine-just what's available or the terrains history?
That's a really big piece of the puzzle for Todd.
Go back to the basics Todd.
There isn't enough testing on this show-and it shows at the bottom line profit/loss.

This doesn't mean that passion for gold mining isn't there at all.
In fact, that's about all that is there for Todd and praying/helmet tapping.

All I know, is I don't want to be a full time gold miner. Odds are very seriously against you.
I'll keep it a hobby as most of us here do.

Learn and practice the fundamentals. If Todd would do that-he might be much better at finding

I found more money/gold/jewelry on a beach in one weekend than what Todd did his entire first year, but that was a different kind of mining, but I did my research.

Until next year-

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