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"What mats should I use in a Stream Sluice?"

Lately the Gold Hog Staff has been recieving quite a few emails asking, "What mats should I use in a stream sluice?"
Hopefully this thread will answer that question.

First, the question itself "What mats should I use in a stream sluice?" is a difficult question to answer. Weighing the fact that there are so many variables involved in deciding what mat to use and what configuration.
Everything from the type of material you are running, size gold in the area, and water velocity (Speed, not Volume), just to name a few of the variables. With all of these it is a true statement that "One size does not fit all."

There are however a couple "Basic" configurations that will get you started. After you become familiar with the way the different mats work in your particular setting you can start playing with different configurations that meet your particular needs.
For this reason it is important not to glue your matting together in the beginning. You should tape it top and bottom. Once you are happy with your configuration and have your stream sluice "Dialed In" then you can glue them.

There are four mats that work well in a stream sluice. Scrubber, Razorback, Bedrock, and DownDraft.

Here is a basic description of each mat.

Scrubber Mat
Wild-Boar.gif [ 5.26 KiB | Viewed 2936 times ]

The Scrubber mat is a gentle LIFT… FALL… and SCRUB… type matting. Larger rocks simply tumble down it and have little to no effect on the capture zones. It likes fairly deep water, with water depth ranging roughly ¾” to 1.5”
The Scrubber mat has a fairly wide range of flows and velocities. Also we do have people that run stream sluices with a LOT of water flow. They have had good results as well. The BED LOAD material is lifted gently and allowed to fall being scrubbed by capture zones.

Razorback Mat
razorback550.gif [ 6.21 KiB | Viewed 2935 times ]

The Razorback mat is a medium velocity mat. It should be used in sluices that have a smooth water flow. It can be used in stream sluices, highbankers, and even shallow running commercial ops. Just keep in mind it likes a medium velocity of water flow. It’s great on fine gold as it creates very little turbulence and scrubs the BED LOAD.

Bedrock Mat
br2550.jpg [ 23.93 KiB | Viewed 2935 times ]

The updated Bedrock mat (2.0) is a great finishing mat and fine gold mat in smoother flowing sluices. It likes smooth fast water and is great at the end of a sluice. It creates almost zero turbulence but has great exchange rates. It’s been tested in everything from stream sluices to, highbankers, to commercial ops running smooth water. Like all our mats it must be tuned with water flow and pitch.

DownDraft Mat
dd550.gif [ 5.23 KiB | Viewed 2935 times ]

The DownDraft mat is great on fine gold in medium velocity sluices. It has a FALLING or descending pattern which in some way auto-tunes the mat for velocity. Each of the 3 sections runs at a different velocity. Again like the Razorback mat, it can be used in stream sluices, highbankers, smooth commercial ops, and low water, smooth flowing dredges.

There are several "BASIC" mat configurations for a Stream Sluice.

The FIRST and most basic configuration that works extremely well is lining you stream sluice with all Razorback matting. Razorback matting was originally designed to meet the need for an effective stream sluice matting that could recovor gold in a variety of stream and material conditions.

The SECOND basic mat configuration for a stream sluice is slightly more aggressive. Use several Scrubber mats at the beginning of your sluice followed by all Razorback to the end of your sluice.
The Scrubber mat helps break up your material and scrubs it in preparation for the Razorback Matting. This set up would be helpful if you are in an area that has "Clumps" of material that need assistance in being broken apart.

The THIRD basic mat configuration for a stream sluice encompasses all four mats. This is the most aggressive of the three basic configurations.
Start with a couple Scrubber mats, then a couple Razorback mats, then a couple DownDraft mats and finish it with a couple Bedrock mat.
With this configuration you have provided as many Environments (Zones) possible to expose you slurry to.

REMINDER : Do not glue your mats until you have experimented with the "Basic" configurations to see which one works best for you. After you've determined the BEST configuration for your conditions, then glue them.

As I stated previously, "One size doesn't fit all".
For the best performance of any of the above listed mats, it requires YOU to experiment a little and decide for yourself which configuration works best for you.
If you don't want to experiment to see what configuration works best for you, any of the 3 basic configurations will capture gold.

To show you different Stream Sluice mat configurations in operation here's a few videos provided by members of our forum.

As you can see from the varied mat configurations being used, the sky is the limit on how you can configure your stream sluice beyond the "Basic" configurations.

Remember, experiment and see what configuration best suites your conditions.

Some Gold Hog Videos That Will Be Useful To The Beginner

Video References For the Four Recommended Mats for Stream Sluices.

SCRUBBER MAT : viewtopic.php?f=34&t=1520

RAZORBACK MAT : viewtopic.php?f=34&t=1518

BEDROCK : viewtopic.php?f=34&t=1517

DOWNDRAFT : viewtopic.php?f=34&t=1514

If you still have questions after reading this thread, please post them on the Gold Hog Forum. There are many experienced Gold Hog Mat users on the forum that can answer any question you may have.

Gold Hog Forum : index.php

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