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Customer Question:
You state in your Viper video that a Semi-Trash pump will not work for dredging. Is this because of the PSI? The HydroForce Nozzles require 40psi. I then realized that some of the Trash Pumps only have 38psi. I wish you had a link under the "pump section" on all of your Highbankers of the recommended Pump that will work for dredging also with your Highbankers.

What is the difference between a clear water pump and a trash pump?

Is it the GPM and the PSI the two factors that I need to consider when looking for a pump to run as a dredge through your Highbankers/Dredge combos?

First... there is an online owner's manual for most of our units on the website. You should make sure you go there and watch the videos too.

There are two types of pumps.
Semi trash pumps and high pressure pumps. (HP often referred to as clear water.)
Semi trash pumps will move large amounts of water with not too much PSI. Most 2" semi trash pumps are rated about 35 - 42 psi. Rocks, sand and gravel, up to about 1/4" - 1/2" can pass through these based on the pump.
High pressure pumps have different "water moving" parts with tighter tolerances. (for lack of a better word) This gives them higher pressure. On a 2" it might range from 70 - 95 PSI. Often the GPH is about the same.

If you are dredging.... you always want to over power you unit with psi. This will allow you to run your engine less than full throttle and still have REALLY good suction. We have run our mini (1.5" dredge) with the same high pressure pump as our 4" dredges. We simply let the motor run just above idle. Running a 2" then move the throttle up more. Running a 3" more... etc. GPH is not the key issue with dredges. The gph is controlled both by the pressure and the size of intake on the dredge nozzle.

The Northern Tool Northstar 2" high pressure pump is a GREAT pump to use for dredging.
If you let gravels and large sands into the pump you will have to open up the impeller and clean them out.
The pump will stop working. Put a fine screen that uses 1/8" mesh around the pump.

Now the questions is........ can I use a high pressure pump on my unit as a highbanker?

Sometimes.... It is very hard to control the GPH on a high pressure pump. (Because it is is high pressure.)
If you do.... reduce the flow at the PUMP with a ball valve or gate valve. If you don't, and you are running lay flat hose to your highbanker, you could blow out your hose.

PSI needed for GOOD dredging?
These are "ball parks" for good performance.

1.5" ...... 30 - 40 psi.

2" ......... 40 - 50 psi.

2.5" ....... 50 - 70 psi

3" ......... 50 - 80 psi

4" .......... 80+ psi

5".......... We like to run dual 2" pumps that are rated at 90 PSI.
Note: We only have to run them at about 50% rpm for great suction.
This is on a DUAL hose jet log.
6".......... Same as above but pumps run at 100% RPM.
Or run the 3" high pressure pumps necked down to 2".
When you do this, the RPM can be 50% due to the increase
in GPH and PSI.

Here is a link for the 2" high pressure pump we like mentioned above.
Remember.... put a fine screening bag around the intake it comes with.

Also here is a head lift to PSI conversion tool

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